Slow Down! You’re Going Too Fast!

Many people believe that if they work, work, work without taking a break, scheduling time for planning, or even for themselves that they are going to be SO productive and get loads of work done.  What really happens is the opposite in my opinion.  I usually test these theories out on myself before I write about them.  I’m my own test dummy so to speak.  So here’s what I found.  I was working, working, working and trying to do all of my administrative work in the evenings, plus work out and eat healthy, etc.  What ended up happening is that I would burn out either daily, or weekly and end up not getting it all done.  My personal trainer told me about his method of taking a personal day for himself and I balked about it at first, and for the new year said, sure I’ll give it a try.  Well it works!  I take Mondays as my personal day – planning, follow-up phone calls, social media, personal appointments and the like.  I don’t book any other appointments that day at all (which was hard in the beginning to tell a client no), but now that I am in the swing of it, it is becoming easier.  By slowing down, and taking the time for all of those things, my productivity has increased and I feel better about it.  Some people won’t have the luxury of a whole day, just take a few hours one evening for yourself, and you will see an immediate difference once you get into the swing of it….I promise!

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  1. Kelly says:

    That is so true Sharon! Thanks for the great reminder to stop trying to be superwoman and do it all! By taking a little time for ourselves we get more accomplished, with better results and a few less gray hairs!

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