Business Card Blunder

If you do any networking whatsoever, you will want to read this! How do we get all of those business cards that we collect during the course of the week, the month, the year, organized?  Many people pass out and receive business cards left and right, but what do they do with them when they get back to their office?  From what I’ve observed, most people put them in a rubberband or binder clip and say “I’ll deal with those later”.  Big mistake! My advise is to only take the business cards of the folks that you connected with, really connected with, meaning had a personal semi in-depth conversation other than the weather.  Now, here’s the trick! Take the business cards and TAKE ACTION within 24-48 hours.  The fortune’s in the follow up! So, it’s better to do more with less cards than to do nothing with alot of cards, right?  Right!  Once you get a response from someone and it looks like you are going to meet or do business, then file their business card in your card file or electronically.  Periodically, go through your business cards or electronic file and clean out the cards of the folks that you don’t do business with anymore or don’t intend on doing business with in the future.  Schedule this activity in your calendar to make sure it is an evolving process.  Don’t blunder and lose business by not following up and taking action.  Be deliberate about it and be successful!

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  1. Beth Blacker says:

    As a self-professed organizing freak, I found that one of the best investments I have made since starting my business was to invest in a small portable scanner. As soon as I can I scan the business cards I collect, assign a category to them (most of the time the name of the networking event I met the person at) and shred the cards…yes, I have a paper shredder in my home office. This system allows me to take action must faster in terms of following up after an event.

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