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Something happened on Saturday that I feel the need to write about, and I’m going to try really hard to relate it to organizing.  After all, that’s what this blog is about, helping people get organized.  I’m at the mall with my boyfriend, and the lady in front of us had two kids.  One little chunky girl who was about 5 and another one about 7 who was as skinny as a rail.  The mom hops on the down escalator knowing that her youngest child is afraid of escalators.  I guess she figured she would force her to get on that way.  As the mom went down further, the child cried harder, started trembling and it made me sick to my stomach.  Her older sister was trying to get her on, but she couldn’t lift her because her little sister was heavier than her.  My boyfriend didn’t want to pick her up because he’s a guy so he asked me to.  I swooped her up, held her tight, and told her that I am scared of escalators too!  It wasn’t a lie.  The mom barely said anything and looked at her daughters with disgust for embarassing her.  Maybe, just maybe, the mom is so busy and has her hands full with two kids, that she doesn’t see what she’s doing.  The quality of life for that family has been compromised.  I know how I felt as a single mom with two kids.  I coped by being highly organized and efficient so that I would have time to slow down and play with the kids, give them attention, and go shopping.  Some parents don’t have that skill or need more tools to deal with everything that is coming at them.  My suggestion – get some help figuring out how to run as fast as you need to, but also have enough time to slow down and enjoy the kids, or the husband, or even yourself for that matter.  There are people out there that can help – house cleaners, baby sitters, professional organizers, etc.  Consider the possibilities.  My motto is that I make the impossible seem possible!

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