New Year…..New Habits?

In 2012, I attended a Health & Wellness seminar offered by Landmark.  Because I was working out with a personal trainer, and thought I knew it all, I didn’t feel like I had anything to learn.  Hmmm…..seems like that’s when we learn life’s biggest lessons.  Well, they asked us to take an inventory of our freezer, our refrigerator, our pantry and our medicine cabinet.  We had to write every single item down that was in each of these areas.  Boy, was this an eye opener.  What I learned was that I often get bored with food, so I had far too many condiments that I bought to spice foods up that I rarely use, or only used once.  In my pantry, there were comfort food items that I really don’t eat anymore.  I guess I had them there for moral support.  So as much of a pain as it was to write every single item down and go through with the silly exercise, it did give me great insight into myself and what I choose to stock my kitchen with.  I’m merely suggesting that you might try this exercise too to see what interesting things you might find out about yourself.  Then if you are willing, we can apply this to your garage or your closets.  This is where the real fun begins!  Good luck and please let me know your findings if you care to share.

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