Functional Fashion

What do I mean – functional fashion?  I see so many clothes in so many closets around the Tampa Bay area, and frankly, they are a disaster.  If budget permits, some people shop just to shop or for shopping therapy.  What happens and why is this maybe not a good idea?  Because then you might end up with a whole bunch of individual clothes and nothing to wear them with.  Then, you have to go shopping again, and before you know it, your closet is stuffed full and you have to battle with your clothes to find an outfit in the morning.  Oh yeah, and by the way, it takes ten times as long to get ready in the morning organizing your closet this way.  A BETTER WAY:  1) Take an inventory of your closet.  2) Get rid of any items that don’t fit, are worn out, not in style any longer and most importantly any clothes that were gifted to you that you absolutely despise.  It’s okay – you have my permission to donate them.  3) If there is an outfit that you can create with a simple piece, then put that item on your shopping list.  4)  Look around and see if that item could be used to create another outfit.  THIS IS THE BEST PART!  5) Go shopping….yeah!  6)  When you get home, you’ll be so excited that you will have the motivation to organize your closet.  Organize by color if you can stand it and separate casuals, from dressy casuals and dressy wear.  Hang blouses on the top and pants and skirts on the bottom.  7)  Get dressed!  It will be much easier and save you a boatload of time if you can picture outfits hanging in your closet.  8)  If you need help, call Sharon @ Command Your Clutter to give you a hand.  Her number is (727) 420-1746.  Her email is and her website is  Happy shopping!

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