De-Clutter Preparation Tips

  • You need to be ready for it. What is the old saying? When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  Are you ready to make some changes in your life?  Really?
  • Doing it together helps.  Having your partner or family on board with this undertaking make things so much easier.  Just having someone to talk to – about the concepts of change, the emotional issues that arise during the process, the things with which you are struggling – is so very helpful.
  • Set ground rules.  The most important rule – each of us have to deal with our own stuff. I do not force or press clients to get rid of anything that they hold dear, but I do ask questions about why they are holding on to something, does it serve them, is there a better way, etc.
  • Set your goals.  We talk about what you want out of getting organized.  If you do not desire to create the perfectly empty “zen” home, then that’s fine. However, you might want to have your home be more functional and efficient.  You need to decide what living “clutter free” means for you.
  • Things will get messier before it gets better. Both literally and figuratively. Half way through the process, everything might need to be pulled out and dumped in the center of the room. You will create additional clutter as you set aside items to sell, or fill boxes of items to donate. Be ready for it.
  • Get ready to deal with emotional issues. Things will probably get emotionally “messy” as well. One of the big reasons we hold onto items we no longer need or use is that we have attached emotional meaning to the items.  Perhaps we have tied certain objects to our sense of identity. Identifying those emotional issues and then dealing with them is a huge part of the process.  It is quite challenging to dive in and deal with your crap (both physical and emotional).
  • The good news is that this whole process is much easier with a professional organizer.  I am used to seeing all kinds of situations and homes in different arrays of chaos.  It doesn’t scare me!  I am there every step of the way – without judgement!  I provide a free consultation so please consider making a change in YOUR life before it effects your life to greatly!
  • Command Your Clutter is a professional
    organizer providing services in Clearwater, Palm Harbor,
    Tarpon Springs and Tampa.
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    1. Danie Cutler says:

      Hello. i visited your site and am interested in talking to you about organization, specifically the garage area . Thank you,
      Danie Cutler

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