Don’t Be A Turkey!

We all have family, and we love them (for the most part), but sometimes families have that one family member… know, the one that invites you for dinner at 5, and the food doesn’t get served until 7 OR the family member that you have to remember to tell to show up at 3 so that they’ll be on time for your function at 5?  Wouldn’t it be nice if that family member could miraculously show up on time?  With a little encouragement and and an effort to break bad habits, this battle can be won.  Everyone uses a cell phone these days, so encourage that family member to put the calendar entry in their phone and even a reminder for 30 minutes prior to when they are supposed to start getting ready.  As many entries or reminders as it takes for them to break their bad habit is okay at first.  It’s easy with a little effort, well, and patience!  Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

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