Storage Bins Not Always The Answer

So here’s the scoop on storage bins.  Most people in an attempt to get organized feel like they are making progress by buying storage bins and putting their stuff in them.  They might even label the bins and feel even better.  The problem is that all of the stuff is still there, and it still might be in five different places around the house in different bins.  The best method is to get organized first! Get everything of like categories all in one place – markers, art supplies, magazines, phone accessories, photos, etc.  Sort through everything in one category and decide what you really need to keep.  Determine which size of type of storage container you will need and figure out where it will be placed beforehand.  Perform this exercise with every category of item you need to store.  The reward is you get to go shopping!  Find the perfect size storage containers for all of the items you just organized, and then take them home and put all of the items away neatly.  Also, enjoy that bar of chocolate you got yourself at the checkout counter.  It will taste even better now that you are organized!

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