Time Capsules: Not As Cool As You Think!

Time capsules are cool – sometimes!  If they are prepared to preserve the most special memories surrounded by a cool event like the one depicted in the picture, then yes, very cool!  The time capsules I run into are a different story!


When organizing someone’s home, we always run across the “dumping ground” which is usually the garage or a spare bedroom, and in this area, there are many time capsules.  Trust me – these aren’t the fun ones.  These time capsules got created because the homeowner found out that company was coming and pulled everything off the surfaces in the home such as kitchen counters, the dining room table, the coffee table or end tables in the living room and pushed the contents into a box, a bin, a bag or a storage tote.  These items get shoved in the garage or a spare room and get forgotten about.  So, let’s say this homeowner might get visitors on an average of 6 times a year.  There will be 6 time capsules stored for safe keeping.  The problem is if the garage or spare room isn’t cleaned out once in awhile, the times capsules multiply like bunnies until there is no more room.  What’s an even bigger problem is that nobody ever feels comfortable just looking at the time capsule and realizing it was from 2 years ago and decides instantly to just dump it in the trash.  After all, it is a time capsule, and there might be memories in there or something valuable.  The painstaking process of decluttering begins, and depending on the number of time capsules, this task may take several hours or days.  Some interesting artifacts that I have found in time capsules is birth certificates, gift cards, money, keys to something important that nobody could ever find and so on.  What I advise my clients of is to slow down long enough to realize that this is the habit that they are creating and that in order to stop it, they need to be aware of what they are doing.  Trust me, once they pay me to come in and take care of the problem once, they are less likely to repeat it again; however, old habits are hard to break for some people.  The best thing to do is to have a home for everything and put everything in it’s place.  The need to create time capsules is less likely to happen, and families don’t have to spend all weekend clearing out the garage.  If you are overwhelmed, keep procrastinating and don’t know where to start, hire a professional.  It will take hours versus days to address the problem, and your peace of mind will be restored.  Have fun creating an actual time capsule and make it a fun event!  This will allow you to learn about what is really important in your life and the lives of your loved ones!

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