Unsolicited Advice – To Pitch or Not To Pitch!

I don’t know about you, but if you are on social media as much as I am, you probably see this all the time!  Somebody says they have a sniffle and people that sell health and wellness products start pitching their products to them.  Take this and you will feel better they say or you are low in this so take this they say.  Maybe somebody says they want to lose weight and people start pitching their plan or products, or somebody’s moving but didn’t say they needed help and all of a sudden their inbox is flooded with phone numbers of moving companies.hardpitch

See it’s different if someone is asking what should I do or what should I take.  That’s a question they are asking and they are looking for ideas or advice.  If someone makes a comment though and doesn’t openly ask for anything, then in my opinion, they are not looking to be sold anything, or necessarily need a solution for anything.

Why I am bringing this up is part public service announcement, but to also bring about an understanding that by doing this pitching at the inappropriate times that people are hurting their credibility.  You see as a business owner who has been networking in the community for many years, I try to do everything and anything I can to increase my credibility, not hurt it.

Even when I first started out being self employed and representing Mary Kay, I never pitched my product unless it was at a skin care class.  When I was on social media or at a networking meeting, I always talked about the benefits of the product and asked for referrals to referral sources, not end users.  So instead of asking to put makeup on your face, I asked to be introduced to a mom’s group or a small office of women who I could demonstrate the product to.  I wanted to put makeup on their faces!

Am I saying I am perfect and have never pitched when I shouldn’t have?  No.  I am merely saying that I learned very quickly when it’s appropriate to pitch or not to pitch.  If you’re not sure, error on the side of caution and don’t do it.  No sale is worth losing your credibility in my book.  What do you think?  I’m looking for feedback from other business owners.  When should you pitch and when shouldn’t you?

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