On The Fray

EdgeMountainLiving on the edge…..there’s a song about it!  Most people I come in contact with live on a different edge – the edge between zen, calm, we can do this to frantic, stressed, and unfocused.  They are on the edge of being overwhelmed.

So, how does one prevent themselves from being on the fray you ask?  Well, the first step is awareness and probably the hardest step of all.  Let’s say you know that before you go on vacation, you usually get overwhelmed.  Now that you realize this and bring this into your awareness, there might be certain steps you can take so you don’t get to the “freak out” stage or the fray.

For example, if you generally need some down time to shop, pack, run errands, etc. then leave yourself some time in the week before you go to get these things done versus booking a full schedule, getting overwhelmed, and then cancelling appointments and letting people down just because you can’t get it together.  Also, after your vacation is over, do you have this grandiose idea of walking back into the office and picking things back up to a normal pace on day one?  Well, what about those emails you have to catch up on?  What about mail that has to be opened, or phone calls that need to be returned?  You see, if you give yourself some time in your schedule after you get back to get these tasks taken care of then you will most likely prevent yourself from having what I call “vacation let down”!  You know, that day you get back from vacation and you still wish you were on vacation?  That let down period can last a day, a few days, a week or more unless you nip it in the bud right away.

By all means, plan and prepare for the before and after but simply put an awareness in the forefront and be honest with yourself about your habits pre and post overwhelm.  Start paying attention to when you get overwhelmed and what happens when you do.  Do you shutdown, do you work harder and exhaust yourself to getting sick right before or after vacation, or something totally different?  Awareness, practice, choice!  I hope these tips will help keep you off the fray, not on it!

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