Kinky Business!

Sometimes entrepreneurs get kinked up!  It seems like everything is going smoothly and then you come to a screeching halt.  I’ve observed a great deal of this in my six years as professional organizer with hundreds of clients.  I think what happens is that we are all trying to go so fast that we don’t slow down long enough to see it coming, especially for hose of us that get most of our business from referrals!  Here’s what happens:  We are networking our butts off, literally!  You could make a business out of networking these days.  There are so many networking groups out there – morning, afternoon and night, every day of every week!  We get some business or even a lot of business, and then we stop networking because we are busy doing whatever it is that we do.  Once we get done handling all of the clients and get to a manageable work level, we start networking again.  The problem with this is that we STOP networking during our busy times and our “pipeline” dries up without us even being aware that it’s happening.


I didn’t realize this until last year when I was talking to a friend about what wasn’t working in my business.  I was downloading to her and saying that I didn’t like the fact that I was experiencing the feast or famine cycle.  I get busy and money is flowing in and then it was slow and I was worried about meeting all my financial obligations.  She identified the problem in about a 10 minute conversation, literally!  That’s the thing, when we are working IN our business and not ON our business, these are things we may not be aware of.  Just like I tell my organizing clients, the first step to getting organized is identifying the problem. The same mindset applies when tackling anything that is causing you grief in your business. Identify the problem, come up with a solution and if it works – wash, rinse, repeat!  When you find yourself at a standstill or all “kinked up”, slow down long enough to unravel your problem and get those creative juices flowing again!  The key here is slow down, turn off the flow, fix the kink, and then turn it on full force again.  Happy Networking!

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