How To Stop The Ping!

Do you ever feel like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth, and you can never stop jumping from one thing to another?  In the past, I have felt like I am in one giant pinball machine, hitting on one target, but missing another, and being smacked around by things that are not in my control.  What I have found in my case studies of clients is that they get so wrapped up in their business or life, that they fail to slow down long enough to regroup.


Regrouping is necessary, but very few people realize this need to slow down until it smacks them down.  It can be related to going down the shute in the pinball machine and you have no more tries left.  Basically, business people go fast and keep going fast until they get so overwhelmed that they usually get sick and are completely out of commission for a week or two.  I know because I have been there.  I was delirious fighting off pneumonia for two straight weeks, fever so high I was seeing things and hearing things.  It was awful.  I’ve also had two bouts of Bells Palsy which has left my face partially paralyzed, both brought on by, you guessed it, stress!

So, how do we stop the ping?  I think it is the willingness to live a balanced life.  There’s something to be said about working hard and playing hard, and working towards a goal.  If you are working so much though that other things are being left go such as yourself, your family, or household chores or bills, then it’s time to figure out how to deal with it or delegate it.  I remember having a conversation with my mom about taking on a second job when I was a single mom with two kids.  Her advice was to seriously think about whether it was worth it or not.  Her feeling was that I would be paying medical bills with the extra money I earned because I would wear myself out.  I knew she was right.  I was already pushing my limit with one job and caring for the house and kids.

So I ask you – what is the most important thing in your life?  It is family, your health, the desire for money to buy material things?  If it is the later, then I would say you might be sacrificing your health or your family because of it.  If you choose that path, then so be it, but consider slowing down long enough to put your actions in line with your overall life goal.  Regroup, get organized, figure out what’s not working and fix it!  This my friends will stop the ping!

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