Top 10 (Free!) Mobile Apps for Staying Sane and Organized On The Go

  1. APPSInkpad. Perfect for minimalists looking for a super simple option to make lists on the go. Create shopping lists, make lists of books you want to read, or tasks you need to complete.
  2. GoogleKeep. Quickly capture your thoughts and take notes with GoogleKeep, which are automatically stored in Google Drive. You can set reminders, share notes, and use color coding to stay organized. User-friendly and easily accessible, GoogleKeep is a great option for Android users looking for a simple alternative to more robust task management systems.

  3. Camcard. Ditch that pile of business cards once and for all! With the number one business card app, you can scan and store your business cards and ditch the physical clutter. The free version allows you to can scan up to 200 cards.

  4. Toggl. Time is money, so keeping track of it is a must! Real time syncing between your devices and the web allows you to track your time online as well as off and resume tasks you timed previously.

  5. Timeful. Developed by Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist, Timeful is powerful to-do list and scheduling app for IOS that offers some unique features in addition to standard task creation and list making. You can set new “habits” that you want to adopt, complete with recommended scheduling and duration. Highly intuitive, Timeful learns from your scheduling the more you use it and will automatically help you create tasks and recommend times for scheduling.

  6. IFTTT. Stop wasting time with repetitive tasks by automating them with IFTTT. Available for Android and IOS, IFTT puts the Internet to work for you by allowing users to create customized “recipes” or tasks built around the “If this, then that” structure. Activate and connect your popular channels and services like Facebook, Dropbox, and Gmail as well as devices. For instance, you could create a recipe that will save photos to Dropbox whenever you post them on Instagram. The possibilities are endless!

  7. Use the mobile viewer to join an online meeting no matter where you are. Real-time screen sharing enhances virtual meetings with clients and colleagues. If you host a lot of meetings, you might want to consider upgrading to the Pro plan ($15/month if billed annually), which includes features like conferencing and recording, presenter swapping, and one-click scheduling through the Scheduler or directly in Google Calendar or Outlook.

  8. LastPass. You know that unique passwords are important for security, but keeping track of passwords for every site you subscribe to is a nightmare. With LastPass, all your passwords are stored in an encrypted vault, so you only need to remember one master password to access all of your accounts. Generate original passwords for new sites, quickly access all your regular accounts, and create forms and profiles to populate your contact and billing information. The desktop version is free, but for only $12/year you can add the mobile application and take advantage of all the same features. Well worth it!

  9. Trello. Trello is a free task management system that helps you stay on top of multiple projects at a glance. You can create different boards with drag-and-drop “cards” to represent your projects or tasks. Trello’s versatile design makes it useful for organizing your own solo projects as well as collaborating with a team. Gmail integration allows you to create cards for new tasks right from your inbox.

  10. Asana. This popular project management and task tool can be used for managing your own tasks or group collaboration on shared projects. Free for single users, Asana makes task management easier with reusable checklists and daily to-do lists.

What are your favorite apps for staying organized on the go? Please share your thoughts below!


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