The New Full-Time

busyexecI see so many people working themselves into the ground – working 50 – 60 hours per week or more.  There is a false sense of security looming over us in today’s society.  The days of being loyal to a company and the company being loyal to you are no longer in my opinion.  Many people sell their vacation days back to their company because they can’t possibly see how to use them all, and at the sacrifice of what?

On a temporary assignment I took on for September thru November of this year, I was contacted by my boss and asked to be a hero.  Well the heroic plans she had for me meant changing my personal plans for the weekend, ditching my personal time with my daughter, and whisking me away to a city that I really didn’t care to visit again.  I really did want to help, and actually felt guilty saying no.  I analyzed these feelings and wondered if I would have made the same decision had it been my regular employer when I was working for a corporation.  I probably would have cancelled my personal plans to keep my job.  This is where most Americans are these days – tied to their paycheck or job security or tied to their company who is providing them with medical benefits.  This particular situation made me realize how much I love being self-employed albeit sometimes difficult when money isn’t rolling in the door, but well worth it in the end to not be faced with decisions of guilt and a false sense of security.  I know that I have truly found my passion as well.  The whole time I have been at this company temporarily, I’ve been feeling the urge to organize their refrigerator, their magazines and office supply room.  Some people might think that is weird, but to me it feels natural to de-clutter.

If you are working full-time or the “new full-time”, consider what sacrifices you are making for yourself and/or your family before you agree to work those long hours or say yes to something that you really wish you would have said no to.

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