Cheers To Your Success!

toastDo you want to climb the corporate ladder, be more successful in your own business and live the “good” life?  Perhaps spend more time with family or travel more?  Below are three top tips to help you be more successful that will get you one step closer to getting where you want to be!

Schedule It or It Won’t Get Done – It’s hard to think about getting a solid three or six hours to focus on a report, project or event, right?  Consider breaking it down into smaller increments.  30 minutes for 6 days a week equals 3 hours.  For bigger time chunks, and based on your deadline, get up an hour early every day for 6 days and there you have your extra 6 hours.  Stop procrastinating!  It is never as bad as you think it is once you get started and work your way through it.  Schedule as many things as you need to on your calendar to gain control and be more efficient.

Delegate – Are there tasks that you are doing yourself that you can easily train someone else to handle?  Consider taking on an intern from a local college, hiring a part-time employee or a virtual assistant on an as needed basis.  Take a look at your daily, weekly and monthly tasks more closely and take a tiered approach.  What tasks can you let go of easily – delegate those first.  What tasks might need a bit more effort on your part to train someone to take them over – delegate those next.  Once you have delegated enough is exactly when you will see light at the end of the tunnel.

Cut Out Time Wasters – Do people frequently come into your office, plop down in your spare chair, and start chit chatting?  Cut it out!  Do you check email, Facebook, and other social media platforms frequently throughout the day? Cut it out!  Do you watch T.V. for several hours at night?  Cut it out!  If you are sitting there saying I have worked all day and haven’t gotten anything done, then you might need to keep a time log to determine where your time is being wasted.  Figure out what’s not working and figure out how to fix it.  You will be glad you did, now breathe!

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