Do Not Let Your Shoes Walk All Over You

Ah, your love affair with your shoes…..let’s talk about it!  Do you refer to your shoes as “your baby’s”?  Do you call your shoes by name?  Then let’s face it – you’re in love with your shoes.  There’s nothing wrong with that until your shoes start affecting your relationship with your closet, your partner or spouse, and of course, with yourself.  Are you letting your shoes walk all over you?shoes

Trust me, I have 9 drawers of shoes, so I know about the love of shoes.  Some people have way to many to manage though so an intervention might need to occur.  Have a discussion with your shoes.  Are they hurting your toes, or heel, or the ball of your foot, and perhaps have you walking funny the next day?  This is an unhealthy relationship and these shoes need to be kicked to the curb!

Do you have shoes in your closet that just don’t fit anymore or perhaps they are out of style?  If so, do they have any room in your current relationship?  Maybe it’s time to write them a Dear John letter.

Do you have shoes that need some TLC?  Is the heel worn off, or are the sides worn from driving in the car?  They may be comfortable, but are they projecting the image you want to be noticed for when you wear them out?  It may be time to say bye-bye!

We need more healthy relationships in our lives, and if you’re in love with your shoes, that’s probably the easiest relationship to work on first.

Good luck, walk softly and carry a big stick!


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