Could You Be More Successful?

Success is defined as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals.  Webster apparently didn’t think ahead into the 21st century either because our attempts or endeavors never stop.  Do they?  We are always striving for more, better, faster, stronger – aren’t we?  Let’s define what success means to you.  Is it wealth, well being, more time to enjoy the fun things in life – exactly what is it for you?  Does it mean working more?  Working more you say?  Hold on just a darn minute!  Do any of us really want to work more?  If not, then why do we?  You wouldn’t believe how mansuccessy people I work with that are successful on the surface.  They have the car, the boat, the home and the reputation to prove it.  What I see on the inside of their home or their office is for them to be even more successful beyond their wildest dreams.  Why don’t they see it?  They don’t know what they don’t know.  They’ve grown their business, their wealth, their material things, but they, in some cases, have clutter all around them and are frozen in their tracks.  Frozen in success?  Not a bad place to be, but man they could be so much farther along if they had a system.  A system for opening mail, a system for paying bills, a system for slowing down, a system for following up.  Have you ever heard that saying “the fortune’s in the follow up?”.  I would say that is a true statement.  How do I get in front of these people and convince them they could go to the next level if I could just help them?  They’d have to realize it first, and then want the help obviously.  I’ve seen it over and over again so I know it’s a fact.  I guess by pondering this today, now it’s my job to figure out how to reach these people and how to convince them to command their clutter.  Do you know anyone that could go to the next level?  Let’s talk!

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