Little Red Wagon

What things do you carry around in your little red wagon?  The little red wagon is a symbol of your past.  Do you carry around feelings like resentment or anger?  Do you carry around people – perhaps the memories of lost loved ones?  Do you carry around stuff that reminds you of the past?  Many people carry around so much of the past that the wagon gets really heavy.  They are so used to carrying that heavy load they don’t realize how much it’s weighing them down.  What I observe alot from my clients is that somehow that “thing” is going to play a big part in them remembering a person, place or thing that happened, when in fact it’s already in their memory.  So why do we hold on to “stuff” for dear life?  Maybe it’s because our parents did, and we feel the need to mirror the same behavior.  Maybe we feel that the item is valuable or worth something for a future generation.  For every person, the story may be different, and that’s fine.  The questions to ask are “Is this stuff weighing me down”?  “Am I pulling too much weight and do I need to unload the wagon?”  “How do these items serve me, right here and right now?”  Each person has to figure it out themselves, and when the time is right, the decluttering will begin.

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