Houston, we have a problem!

The minute that you make the decision to clear of the dining room table or any other area in your house and are thinking about using a grocery recycle bag, a box or a tote to put the stuff in and deal with it later…..STOP!  This my friends is major avoidance in the making.  When later comes, you will have a choice to make.  Let’s say go have some wine with friends or clean out the grocery bags full of stuff.  Which one do you think you will choose?  Bags, boxes and totes multiply like bunnies and is then referred to as clutter.  If you are having company and need to get an area cleaned, simply schedule in time to deal with the “stuff” and get it handled properly before they come.  If you don’t have a big chunk of time, work on it 30 minutes a day until the project is completed.  Another big problem is if you have a storage shed and haven’t touched it in over a year, then it might be time to get it cleaned out and save yourself some money.  I’ve heard of a lady in Tampa Bay that has 14 storage sheds!!!  When she is low on money and can’t pay her rent, she has her friends help her consolidate 14 down to 13.  I know we all could think of better ways to spend that money, right?  Small problems can possibly turn into big ones.  I would encourage you to talk yourself out of putting anything in a bag, box or tote from now on, and if you’re considering a storage shed or unit…..think twice!

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